September 20, 2022

Win a $50 Gift Card | ENVX Symposium Sticker Art Contest

Are you Artistic? Creative? Interested in winning prize money?

The Fall 2022 ENVS Symposium theme is Deconstructing the Apocalypse. We will host a variety of events to help us unravel and investigate some apocalyptic narratives used to describe future climate scenarios.

We want YOU to design a sticker to help us promote our symposium!

If you are interested, please send your sticker designs to This contest is open to all LC students. The submissions are due Sunday, October 2 at 11:59pm, preferred formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF. The winners will be awarded with a $50 gift card of your choice, and your design will be proliferated throughout the symposium.

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you for participating, and we look forward to seeing your creativity!