August 16, 2022

LC hosts Delegation from Toyama Prefecture

2021 marked the 30th anniversary of Toyama-Oregon sister state/prefecture relationship. This summer, the delegation came to Oregon to celebrate this long-lasting relationship and strengthen our future bonds.

The 20 member delegation were led by the Toyama Governor Hachiro Nitta. Also included were: Prefectural Assembly Chair Morito Watanabe and Dr. Joseph Runzo-Inada, the Executive Advisor for Prefectural Policy.

On August 5th, LC’s Japanese department welcomed the delegation to our campus to discuss ideas on how to further enrich our connection. The ceremony started with a welcome remark by Professor Keith Dede, Chair of the World Languages and Literatures Department, followed by a heart-felt speech by Governor Nitta. He showed appreciation for LC’s vigorous participation in the Toyama Cup Speech Contest, praised the quality of Japanese education at Lewis and Clark, and encouraged us to keep up the good work. Next, Satomi Newsom, LC’s Japanese Section Head, talked about the Japanese program and how to collaboratively grow the Toyama Cup Speech Contest, as well as what other future programs that could enhance the quality of educational experiences for students both at LC and in Toyama. Throughout the event, Ronan Hall, the Toyama Cup winner in 2019, served as a Japanese-English translator while demonstrating her exceptional command of Japanese.

The delegation kindly gifted us with a book for our students learning Japanese, which Satomi believes will help encourage them to study Japanese even harder, and compete in future Toyama Cup Speech Contest.

The delegation’s visit has already strengthened our connection. The Japanese department is excited about continuing to work together with Toyama prefecture to grow our friendship even more.

Lastly, the Japanese department is deeply thankful for the support given by the Dean’s office, World Languages and Literature department, the Conference & Events team, the Events AV team, and Bon Appetit for helping make this event possible.