July 25, 2022

Rainbow Road Repaint Project

Join the Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement and the Center for Social Change and Community Involvement for a Rainbow Road repaint party!

A picture of a faded Progress Flag that will be repainted in August.The date of the painting project will occur during an upcoming weekend - dependent on the weather/heat advisory. We will plan to have a larger celebration for our newly repainted Rainbow Road for students, staff and faculty near the start of the semester.

Please let us know by completing this form if you are interested in joining the paint/prep party. We will send you more information as dates/times get determined. [Link to form: https://forms.gle/7gm6xCaW9SDxpQ6h6]

Many thanks to Career Center’s Michael Lee and Sherwin Williams Paint company for donating this road paint for our project. Please be prepared to use the alternative route during the prep, paint, and drying process.

Any questions, thoughts or concerns can be emailed to Joann, Director of IME Joann Zhang (joannz@lclark.edu). If you’d like to be part of the larger celebration planning committee, please feel free to let Joann know.