April 28, 2022

Library Research Award

Are you writing a research paper this term? You may be eligible to apply for the James J. Kopp Library Research Award! Students in classes with a Bibliographic Research in Writing designation are invited to apply for the award between April 28 and May 8.

Students in Bibliographic Research in Writing classes are invited to apply for the James J. Kopp Library Research Award (see below for a complete list of eligible courses). Two projects will be chosen as winners, each with a prize of $200. Applications are accepted between between April 28 and May 8. Winners will be selected in the summer from all applications submitted during the year.


More information can be found at https://library.lclark.edu/events/kopp-awards. Beginning on April 28, the application form may also be accessed from that page. See complete guidelines here (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Wgflu80Xm-55w9cq-VGFXZxSuNTuj1-bT7MpVrUTk_I/edit). Please send any questions about the award to librarian@lclark.edu.

In the meantime, let us know if you need help with your research project!

Students in the following BRW-designated courses are eligible to apply.

ART-401, Art After 1945
BIO-335, Ecology
BIO-352, Animal Behavior
BIO-408, Phylogenetic Biology and Molecular Evolution
CLAS-266, Health and Healing in the Ancient World
ENG-235, Topics: Radical Film
ENG-281, Medieval Manuscripts
ENG-333-01, Major Figures: Milton
ENG-333-02: Major Figures: Woolf
ENVS-220, Environmental Analysis
HIST-390, Immigration and Asylum Law
MUS-163, History of Western Music II
MUS-307, Topics in Music: Gastromusicology
PHIL-102, Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL-103, Ethics
PHIL-201, Philosophy of Religion
PHIL-303, 19th Century Philosophy
PHIL-314, Ethical Theory
RELS-106, Religion and Medicine
RELS-225, Christian Origins
RELS-251, Medieval Christianity
RELS-340, Gender in American Religious History
RHMS-210, Public Discourse
RHMS-301, Rhetorical Criticism
SOAN-204, Reading “Texts”
SOAN-205, Research Theory and Design
TH-383, Topics in Global Theatre