April 29, 2022

WiFi Infrastructure Replacement Complete

The Information Technology Infrastructure and Operations teams would like to let the community know that we have completed the replacement of the WiFi infrastructure. About 450 Cisco wireless access points were replaced with 1,133 Aruba wireless access points. The LC Secure and LC Wireless networks have been retired and replaced with PioNet, PioNet-Resident, and PioNet-Guest.

From the inception of this project, the student experience, especially in the Residence Halls, was paramount. As a result, wireless access points were moved from hallways and utility closets to within each and every residence room.

The next priority was to improve the academic experience. Similar to the Residence Halls, wireless access points were move from hallways and utility closets to within each and every classroom. There is a minimum of one wireless access point per 40 person occupancy in a classroom.

Work to improve WiFi coverage and density in academic areas will continue through the Summer.

Please check out our guide for getting connected to the PioNet, PioNet-Resident, and PioNet-Guest networks. If you experience any issues with WiFi at Lewis & Clark, please contact the Information Technology Service Desk.


Connecting to PioNet and PioNet Resident is so much easier to do and has fewer issues than LC Secure/Wireless. It seems faster to me and it’s super convenient to have a WAP inside my dorm with 4 personal ethernet ports.
- Karl Peterson