April 15, 2022

Platteau Manager Job Posting for 2022-2023!

Under the direct supervision of the Platt-Howard Area Director, the Platteau Manager positions are non-residential positions within Campus Living at Lewis & Clark College (L&C). The Platteau is housed within Platt Hall and the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Living Learning Community (LLC) and operates in conjunction with Student Engagement. This unique role is a hybrid position - Managers are both employees of Campus Living and function as an independent student organization.

The purpose of the Platteau Student Art Center is to provide accessible practice, performance, and creative space for students in VAPA and Lewis & Clark College as a whole. Platteau Managers ensure the mission and vision of the Platteau Student Art Center are fulfilled and are responsible for the overall operations of the facility and studios.

Apply on Workday today, applications to be reviewed in late April!