March 30, 2022

WiFi Infrastructure Replacement Milestone - March 31, 2022

WiFi replacement complete for CAS academic buildings.

The Information Technology Infrastructure and Operations teams wanted to let the community know that we have reached another milestone of the project: The wireless infrastructure at the CAS campus has been replaced and it is fully operational.

A quick summary of the current status:

  • Residence Halls WiFi replacement complete.
  • Law campus WiFi replacement complete.
  • GSEC WiFi replacement complete.
  • CAS WiFi replacement complete.
  • The outgoing WiFi infrastructure, LC Wireless and LC Secure, has been turned off in the residence halls, GSEC, Law campus, and CAS campus.
  • The remaining administrative areas, the Manor House and Templeton, are expected to be replaced Spring 2022.

If you are in the area of the new WiFi infrastructure, check out our guide for getting connected to the PioNet, PioNet-Resident, and PioNet-Guest networks.

To read more about the project and see more timely updates, please visit the 2021 WiFi Infrastructure Replacement project page.