March 30, 2022

Spring ’22 LinkedIn Challenge Winners

This year’s “LinkedIn Challenge” highlighted the incredible work that Lewis & Clark students have been doing!

Students submitted entries into the challenge and were rated on having completed numerous areas on their profiles to allow viewers to see a wide variety of skills and accomplishments. Participants crafted detailed and inspiring profiles with thoughtful bios and eye-catching headlines.

This year’s winners offered comprehensive sections showcasing an array of experiences including, but not limited to; classes, occupations, volunteer work and projects.

Congratulations to our winners and we hope that all who participated see the value in crafting a professional online profile that attracts the attention of future connections.

We encourage you all to continue the great work of showing the world your achievements and are here to support you along the way!

Schedule a time to come in for one-on-one guidance for this and any other career centered question.