March 15, 2022

Spring Break Guidance for COVID Testing and Safe Travel

Dear LC Students:

Spring break is almost here. Hurrah! Thank you for all the small and large sacrifices you have made to support our community health this semester.

Many of you will be traveling over the coming break. While COVID rates have recently declined across most of the United States, the disease is still present. There is the potential for transmission, especially as more people go without masks.

We don’t want any of you to become ill during the break, and we want those whom you may be visiting to be as protected as possible. We offer this brief guidance about COVID choices you will face before and during the break. For those of you traveling, we also encourage you to visit this CDC webpage for the latest guidance on safe travel practices.


If you will be traveling internationally over the break, you may need COVID testing prior to your travels. If you need this service, please contact the Health Service (503-768-7165) as soon as possible. We have a limited number of appointment slots this week available for the purpose of providing testing to students who need COVID testing prior to international travel. We can also offer referrals to the community.

Also, if you will be engaging with individuals who are at elevated risk of severe disease from COVID during the break, you should consider taking an antigen test before you engage those people. If you need antigen tests for this purpose, we have antigen tests available for purchase ($20) in the Health Promotion suite in lower Odell Hall on the undergraduate campus. The fee will be assessed to your student account–so no need for you to bring cash or check. The suite is generally open from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and 1 to 5 pm on weekdays. Bring your ID to swipe into the building.

COVID Symptoms

For those of you traveling: If you develop COVID symptoms prior to your planned departure, or during your travels, please self-isolate and seek medical consultation. Do not return to campus if you are symptomatic, unless you have been cleared by a healthcare professional. Please be aware that a single negative antigen test is not sufficient to rule out COVID in a person who has COVID symptoms. If you have COVID symptoms; cannot access health consultation; and wish to use antigen tests, you should first self-isolate for 24 hours, and then take your first antigen test. If it is negative, you should wait 36 hours and then take a second antigen test. If the second test is negative, you can end your isolation.

The Health Service will be open for its usual hours this week, Monday through Friday, 8 am to noon and 1 to 4 pm. The Health Service will be closing at 4 pm this Friday and will be closed until 8 am on Monday, March 28. We will be sending a message out later this week to residential students with details about how students remaining on campus during the break can self-isolate and access medical care during the break. Anytime the Health Service is closed, students can access our free nurse consultation service at 1-877-617-9531. We also have a list of off-campus health resources available here.


Masks are required on the undergraduate campus through at least April 2. Masking requirements at the Graduate School of Education and Counseling and Law School will be communicated and/or posted as necessary. In addition, masks are required on public transportation and in transportation hubs through April 18.

Beyond these requirements, each person should consider their own risk factors to decide if masking remains part of their individual COVID-19 protective practices over the break. Masks are effective at reducing disease transmission. For members of our community who are themselves vulnerable or live with people vulnerable to severe illness, proper masking is an essential way to limit infection for yourself and minimize the risk of transmission to others.

If anyone needs a KN-95 mask to support safe travel over spring break, please e-mail

Similarly, if you have any questions about the safe travel information in this e-mail, please e-mail us at

May you all have a healthy, safe, and restful break!

John Hancock, EdD
Associate Dean of Students for Health and Wellness