March 08, 2022

Wolpert BA ’19 awarded Fulbright in France

Mila Wolpert is Lewis & Clark’s most recent Fulbright award recipient.

Mila, who majored in History and French Studies and holds a Master’s degree in Heritage Studies from Cambridge University, will spend the year conducting research in Paris, France on the art collection of Baron Edmond de Rothschild (1845-1934). Originally housed in the Hôtel Rothschild - now the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence in Paris - many of the art objects in the Baron’s collection have since been dispersed to some of the world’s leading museums. Mila’s project will take her to numerous archives and libraries in France to investigate and document the locations and provenance of objects. Her aim is to create an inventory of Rothschild’s storied collection and contribute to the historical understanding of the Hôtel Rothschild, one of France’s (and the United States’) most significant cultural and diplomatic sites.