November 08, 2021

The VPSL Column | November 8, 2021

John Hancock, Associate Dean of Students for Health & Wellness, is this week’s guest columnist.

Greetings from Wellness Services! John Hancock here, taking over for Robin Holmes-Sullivan as a guest columnist for the Bark this week.

Two big public health ideas to share with you this week:

Focus on Equity: Interpersonal and gender-based violence occur way too much on college campuses. While anyone can be a target for violence, women of color, LGB individuals, TGQN (transgender, genderqueer, nonconforming) persons, and persons with disabilities are at significantly higher risk. This will not end until we change the culture.

You can Lead the Change at LC by completing our campus climate survey related to unwanted sexual contact and sexual assault. It will just take about 15 minutes of your time. Please help us meet our goal of 500 CAS students completing the survey before it closes on November 14! We are encouraging all students to participate, including students who have experienced these forms of violence and those who have not. If you’ve already completed the survey.… props to you! Questions? Contact Emily Mattson, Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator, at

Focus on COVID: Check out this quote from a community member who was diagnosed with COVID this semester (quoted with permission):

“I think I have learned a couple of lessons so far, and offer these suggestions. First, vaccines work! I haven’t experienced any of the severe symptoms associated with full-blown COVID. But a dose can’t keep working forever. So please do sign up to get your booster shot (when you are eligible)…. Second, please don’t dismiss cold symptoms. Some of you (like me) may be used to getting colds this time of year. We’re in a different world now and, as my case shows, even mild cold symptoms can be signs of a breakthrough infection. So please test at the slightest hint of suspicion, and don’t return to the classroom until you are confirmed negative.”

Student workers, students who got the J&J vaccine, and certain students with underlying health conditions are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination booster doses on campus next week! Watch for the sign-up announcement. Also, watch for a survey soon assessing your interest in optional COVID-19 testing clinics before the fall and winter breaks. These may be especially important for students who are returning to environments where there are unvaccinated or vulnerable household members.

From both of my topics this week, I hope you see the point: Your behavior makes the difference!

Wishing you all a healthy and strong finish to the semester!

John Hancock, EdD

Associate Dean of Students for Health & Wellness