November 02, 2021

Introducing Phillip Barron and his Spring 2022 offering: ENG 201!

  • Predoctoral Fellow, Phillip Barron. 
    Photo by Jo Tabacek.

The English department is excited to welcome Phillip Barron, a predoctoral fellow from LC’s Philosophy department, to teach with our department this Spring! Phillip Barron has written two books, The Outspokin’ Cyclist, (Avenida, 2011) a collection of Barron’s columns he has written for the Herald-Sun Newspaper (of Durham, NC) on bicycling. Barron’s first poetry collection, What Comes from a Thing, (Fourteen Hills Press, 2015) was the winner of the 2015 Michael Rubin Book Award.

This Spring, Phillip Barron will be teaching ENG 201: Introduction to Poetry. As his specialty is in Philosophy, we asked him to describe his intentions for this upcoming course and how it will differ from the typical ENG 201 experience:

“I have overlapping interests in poetry and philosophy. As a poet, I am an experimentalist, taking inspiration from modern and postmodern poets who play with new forms. Mostly, I write about environmental and philosophical problems. As a philosopher, my research focuses on the embodied social experience and the ways that selfhood is bound up in the selfhood of others as well as the environment in which we find ourselves. Both of these interests inform the way I teach poetry. Together, we will read some great works of ecopoetry and figure out how and why it challenges us to think about who we are and our relationship to the natural world. We will start by learning to appreciate the choices poets make, and to identify and evaluate the technical accomplishments in their poems. And, as a creative writing class, we will learn how to incorporate the techniques we admire into our own writing process.”


For more information on Phillip Barron, visit the Pioneer Log’s 2019 article, “Predoctoral Fellow Phillip Barron.