August 23, 2021

Physics Colloquia Schedule - Fall 2021

Physics Colloquium
Fall 2021
Mondays, 4:15 - 5:15 pm, Olin 204


September 20
LC Students’ Summer Research Projects:

  • Gretchen Schowalter & Connor Robertson (Acoustics research with Steve Tufte)
  • Chloe Greenstein (Science & Technology Internship at Fermilab)
  • Christian Ermann (Particle physics research with Mohamed Anber)

October 4
The World of Low Reynolds Numbers
Albert Bae, LC Physics

October 18
Lessons in Physics Education from the Pandemic
Matthew Powell, LC Physics

November 1
Medical Physics: Curing People with Death Rays
Owen Kenton ’08, Medical Physicist

November 15
Working in Engineering as an LC Physics Grad
Ben Robinson ’15, Product Engineer

November 29
Advanced Lab Student Projects
Sarah Carney - Deflection of Beams
Hayden Moses - Photoelectric Effect
Lauren Dressler & Seth Moriarty - Chaos

December 6
Advanced Lab Student Projects
Art Marquez & David Ceja - Arduino-based Engineering
Kara Rule & Jon Spiegel - Magnetic Susceptibility
Emily Hetzel - Mechanical Walkers