April 13, 2021

Tea Club 2021-2022 Leadership Application

Tea Club is looking for students to join the 2021-2022 leadership team!

Lewis & Clark Tea Club is looking for at least new two students to join our 2021-2022 Leadership Team to help organize and run both regular meetings and larger events. Typically, Tea Club leadership requires attending weekly leadership meetings (about one to two hours a week), attending and running regular club meetings (often every other week for an hour), and any additional time needed to plan larger events or handle club requirements such as yearly budget applications. Specifically, we’re in need of a treasurer. In addition to the expectations listed above, a treasurer will need to track and approve the club’s spending money. Continuing leadership (Emma Hadeler and Maggie Custer) will be able to provide guidance and support throughout the school year. If you’re interested, please apply via the attached Google Form.