April 01, 2021

Important Information about Fall 2021 Housing and End of the Semester

New Housing Portal and Housing Sign Up Process

As we mentioned earlier, Campus Living has a new housing portal! The portal and virtual housing process are new for both students and staff. We appreciate your patience and willingness to learn with us. We feel confident that the new virtual housing portal will make the housing selection process easier, more efficient, and lead to a better student experience with Campus Living.

Timeline for Returning Student Fall 2021 Housing Sign Ups

On Monday, April 5th, returning students will receive the link to the housing portal. Between April 5th and April 15th, returning students should submit their housing application. Please note, submitting a housing application is not selecting a room. The housing deposit fee of $200 has been waived for all returning students for this next academic year.

After April 15th, Campus Living will contact students with their room selection registration date and time. We plan on hosting room selection the week of April 19th.

The room selection process will look similar to the way you sign up for classes. You will receive a date and time window when you can login to our portal and select your room. Students can select rooms for themselves and their roommates. More information on the room selection process will be included in the registration email notification.

Summer Housing

To maintain COVID-19 safety precautions, Campus Living is offering very limited summer housing options. We will work to house students who meet the following criteria:

  • Students who are registered for in-person Summer classes

  • Students affiliated with on-campus research programs

  • Students unable to leave campus due to circumstances out of their control. This includes International students who are unable to return home and/or students facing Housing insecurity.

  • Students who are affiliated with approved LC programming

If you feel you meet the above criteria and want to apply for summer housing, please complete this form. Campus Living reserves the right to increase or decrease the availability of housing based on the direction of COVID-19

Summer Storage

Campus Living is not offering traditional storage options this year, therefore storage for the Summer 2021 will be extremely limited. Finalized decisions about applications, cost, and availability are still being made. We recommend you look into available off campus storage options such as the local SmartBox and UHaul as potential options.

End of the semester

Students who are not graduating in May will be expected to move-out of their room on May 7th no later than 3:00pm. Late stay students will be approved on a case-by-case basis by their Area Director. Additional details will follow soon. Any students participating in May Trips or participating in Spring Athletics programs will have different move-out expectations, so please look for future information from College Outdoors, Athletics, and Campus Living with specific move-out expectations.

Graduating seniors will be permitted to stay in the halls through May 9th no later than 3:00pm.

Residential Expectations for Fall 2021:

Information on the Fall 2021 academic semester has been posted. The college plans on conducting classes as per our traditional in-person format.

Over the summer, you might hear from our office or the VPSL office about requirements before coming to campus. Information about health, masking, testing, and more will be decided later when we have a clearer picture on mass vaccine role outs.


Take care and look out for future communications from our office.


The Campus Living Team

Joe-Barry, Bailey, Franchesca, Malavika, Juliane, and Arielle