February 17, 2021

Congress Yard Project Exhibition

Local show features Jess Perlitz and senior art major, Misha Davydov

In a world changed by the COVID-19 virus, opportunities to experience art have become limited. Galleries and venues in Portland have gone virtual, many have temporarily closed but to be expected by creatives, some galleries have thought of new and ingenious ways to experience the arts. Congress Yard Projects (CYP) allows people to have a rare in-person art experience, while making sure people feel safe in an outdoor setting. From January 24-March 21 2021, the “hard & SOFT” exhibition will feature pieces from 23 different artists, each piece different in how it will interact with the environment during its 2 months on display. Some of the works are made to last, while others will change or decay over time.

Two of the featured artists in this exhibition are members of the Lewis and Clark community, Jess Perlitz and Misha Davydov. Jess Perlitz is an artist and an associate professor and the Head of Sculpture in the Art Department at Lewis & Clark. Her sculptures, 1344 hours rain rainbow sculpture and 1344 hours rainbow drawing, are on display at the exhibition. The artworks will slowly bleed rainbows as rainfall accumulates. Misha Davydov is a senior studio art major with a focus in sculpture and photography. Plink is a replica of their house sink connected to a roof drainage system, so as it rains, viewers are able to watch the sink “draining.”

This is a unique opportunity to experience an art exhibition in-person, so be sure to visit the event website, as well as the Congress Yard Projects website to learn more.