February 08, 2021

FCA Huddles

Designed to help student athletes and friends to grow 3 dimensionally (body, mind, and spirit) by looking at keywords in the Bible.

FCA HUDDLES (Online) are weekly opportunities for student-athletes & friends at Lewis & Clark College to grow 3-dimensionally (Body Mind & Spiritual). This semester, huddles will focus on ‘KEY WORDS’ from Scripture. Each week we will talk about key words from personal experience & common perceptions, then from a Christ-centered perspective. We will examine Jesus’ example & message. ‘Key words’ may include terms like: Gentleness, Humility, Holiness, Sin, Judging, Love, Grace…& others. Fellowship of Christian Athletes Huddles are Monday evenings at 7 PM. To join us, send a simple email “I’m interested” to piofellowship@lclark.edu and an auto reply will send you the Zoom Link for Sunday at 11 AM.