February 01, 2021

New Concentration in Cybersecurity!

New Concentration in Cybersecurity!
The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Lewis & Clark College is pleased to announce a new optional concentration in cybersecurity, available beginning in the 2021-2022 academic year. Students graduating with this concentration will be prepared to work in this vital, rapidly-changing, multidisciplinary field.
According to the Joint Task Force on Cybersecurity Education, “Cybersecurity is a computing-based discipline, involving technology, people, information, and processes. It involves the creation, operation, analysis, and testing of secure computer systems. It is an interdisciplinary course of study, including aspects of law, policy, human factors, ethics, and risk management in the context of adversaries.” This intersection of technical and social aspects makes cybersecurity an ideal topic for a liberal arts institution like Lewis & Clark.

A minimum of 12 credits distributed as follows:

  • CS 211 Computer and Network Security
  • CS 293 Networks and Web Development
  • One course chosen from the following:

            IA 330 -Global Security

            PSY 425 -Human-Computer Interaction

The concentration in cybersecurity may be pursued only by those with a declared major in Computer Science & Mathematics, a declared major in Computer Science, or a declared minor in Computer Science.
We thank Dr. Jens Mache and his colleagues in several departments for their tireless leadership in making this concentration a reality.
Note to current students: Please do not contact the Registrar’s office about this concentration until fall 2021. It won’t be in the catalog until the 2021-2022 academic year.