January 07, 2021

Enhanced Social Distancing Protocols

To start the spring semester 2021, all students will be required to adhere to enhanced social distancing protocols until they have been COVID tested on campus and their negative COVID testing results have been received and confirmed.

Adherence to enhanced social distancing includes basic social distancing protocols (wearing masks, maintaining six feet of social distance, practicing good hand hygiene, staying on campus), but also includes:

  • Reducing your in-person interactions to your roommate(s) until you get your test result.

  • Staying in your room unless you are using the restroom, picking up food or mail, or exercising (see details below) on campus. Whenever you are outside your room, wear a mask and maintain appropriate physical distancing (at least six feet) at all times.

  • It is permissible to exercise individually and safely outdoors on campus while wearing a mask and maintaining social distance at all times.

There may be situations later in the semester when selected students are asked to adhere to the above expectations for enhanced social distancing.

Questions about these guidelines? Contact Ami Hanna, Case Manager and Contact Tracer at hannae@lclark.edu.