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Residential Hall Visitation Update [Rescinded 11/10/2020]

November 06, 2020

Dear LC Residential Community,

Thank you all for continuing to comply with our community expectations regarding COVID-19 health mitigation measures. I know doing so has been hard at times, especially when it comes to making new social connections or interacting with residents from neighboring halls. Because we continue to have very good indications that the infection rate across our residential students is low, I would like to honor the request from many of you to allow for more social contact with your fellow residents.

As of Monday, November 9th, residential students will be able to interact and socialize with residents from other halls. As the weather becomes more inclement, I know you want to be able to socialize with friends in common areas and residential rooms. The option to do so is being extended to residential students only, beginning this Monday. However, you will be asked to observe the following safety measures to ensure that we can maintain the low positivity rate across our residential community:

  • In order to enable contact tracing and to allow us to continue utilizing our effluent sampling, we will ask that any time you visit another residence hall that you scan the appropriate QR code with your name, time of arrival and time of departure. This will allow us to know where residents have been in case we have to contact trace at a later date. Your Area Director and RA’s will send you more specific information about this process.
  • Observe all occupancy limits as posted in common spaces. If a common space has an occupancy sign of 6 residents only, it is imperative for social distancing that only 6 people are in that common space at a time.
  • No more than 2 additional residents are allowed in a residential room regardless of residence room type. Again, this is to allow for proper social distancing.
  • If you are in your room with residents other than your roommate(s), face coverings are required–no exceptions.
  • If at all possible, refrain from utilizing the bathrooms in residence halls other than your own.
  • This easing of visitation is for LC residential students ONLY. This does not allow for off-campus students or other visitors into the residence halls.
  • Overnight stays of residents from other residence halls is still prohibited.
  • Residents and guests are expected to adhere to the noise policy and guests may be asked to leave if they fail to do so. As a reminder, quiet hours are in effect at 10:00pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends. Courtesy hours are in effect 24/7.
  • Large gatherings of any kind continue to be prohibited.

If all continues to go well, we hope to allow this relaxation of cross-residential visiting to continue until the end of this semester. We will continue to effluent sample throughout. And if we have a change in the effluent viral load of a specific residence hall complex, we may ask that occupants of an entire residence hall and any residents who may have visited be tested. Remember, the most conservative and effective approach is to continue to limit your social interactions to a small group of friends and observe health mitigation measures. Although I am happy about the possibility of you having more social options, when we return to campus in January, I will again put in place a restriction of visitation to your residential complex until we feel it is sufficiently safe to allow for visitation across the various halls.

Enjoy this opportunity–you have earned it!

Robin H. Holmes-Sullivan

Vice President of Student Life