October 28, 2020

Information About the End of the Fall Semester

This message aims to provide you with the important information you need so that you can begin making your transition plans.

As the weather begins to change, we are reminded that the end of our time together on campus this fall is nearing. This message aims to provide you with the important information you need so that you can begin making your transition plans.

As a reminder, for everyone’s health and safety, Lewis & Clark previously made the decision to limit the on-campus portion of our Fall semester, with classes and services moving online after Thanksgiving break. In order to de-densify our campus during the Winter months, we strongly encourage you to leave campus during the week of Thanksgiving. Students who need to remain in campus housing for the duration of the semester will be accommodated. Please note, however, that services on campus will be extremely limited after Thanksgiving.

In order to prepare and communicate appropriately, please inform us of your transition plans via this form by Sunday, November 1.

Fall Transition Plans Survey

In order to best prepare for your transition, we’d like to make sure you are aware of the following information:

Class Information

  • The last day of on-campus classes will be Friday, November 20.
  • Online instruction will begin Monday, November 30.
  • Finals will be administered remotely, December 13-16.
  • Please note that the Lewis & Clark Testing Center will not be open after Thanksgiving.
  • If you have any questions about Class Information, please contact the Office of the Dean of the College.

Housing Information for Current Residential Students

  • Students are expected to leave no later than 6 p.m. on November 25. Your swipe access will be turned off to residential buildings unless you live in the apartments or have confirmed with Campus Living that you will remain on campus after Thanksgiving.
  • Once you leave for Thanksgiving, you will not be able to return to campus for the rest of the semester.
  • For students who need to remain on campus after Thanksgiving, Residence Halls (except for the apartments) will close on December 17 at 3 p.m. If you need to remain on campus after December 17, you must contact Campus Living to confirm housing availability, and additional charges will apply.
  • Additional information will be provided to residential students shortly from Campus Living regarding Consolidation and Mid-Year Housing Change processes. These are designed to help balance the high demand for housing while meeting the needs of current residents.
  • Students who are not currently living on campus and who would like to live on campus in the Spring need to complete the Spring Options Survey by October 28. (A message about this was sent on October 12).
  • If you have further questions about Housing on campus, please contact Campus Living directly.


  • The last meal service prior to Thanksgiving will be dinner on Wednesday, November 25.
  • Limited meal service will resume with Sunday, November 29 (brunch) through December 17 for students who need to remain on campus.
  • Please note that meal plans were modified to end on Wednesday, November 25. Please contact Campus Living if you wish to purchase a supplemental meal plan for November 30-December 17.
  • There will be no food service on campus after December 17 for those students who need to remain on campus.


  • The Pioneer Express’ last day of operations will be Friday, November 20.
  • Limited shuttle service to the airport will be available, Friday November 20 and Saturday November 21. The shuttle schedule and information will be available in early November.
  • Tri-Met Route 39 will continue to operate on campus throughout the winter months.

Optional Pre-Travel Covid Testing

  • COVID testing will be offered on-campus during the week of Monday, November 16 for any asymptomatic student who is traveling at the end of that week and who wishes to be tested as a precaution. Any student who will be returning to an environment where there are members of the household who might be at risk of severe illness due to COVID may consider being tested. Bear in mind that any testing conducted on-campus prior to a student’s departure is not a guarantee that the student will be COVID-free after their travel home, so social distancing, wearing masks, and hand hygiene will continue to be important for students both during and after their travel. The cost of this testing will be charged to student accounts. Students can submit receipts from testing to their health insurance for potential reimbursement. Details about the cost, testing schedule, and sign-up process will be announced closer to the testing dates. Should any student participate in this voluntary testing program and test positive for COVID-19, the College will provide guidance related to postponing travel and entering isolation. Isolation housing will be made available to residential students who need to postpone travel.
  • To help cover the costs of COVID-19 tests for students in difficult financial situations, ASLC’s Student Resources Committee has allocated funds to help cover 50% of the out-of pocket costs. Funds are limited, so they ask that only students who were unable to get medical coverage and have experienced financial hardship apply through this form.

As you prepare to leave campus, you may also want to consider the following:


  • Unless otherwise informed, students should feel free to take library books home in November and can keep them over the break. Due dates will be extended and no fines will accrue.
  • The library will be open with revised hours the week of and after Thanksgiving. Please see the Watzek calendar for an up to date schedule.
  • Any questions about your library books or services can be directed to librarian@lclark.edu.


  • For students who have rented textbooks and materials, your books are due on the last day of finals. If you remain in Portland, you should be able to return your books to the bookstore in person until December 23. If you have left the Portland area and remain in the United States, you can return your books via mail. Students will receive an email reminder with the instructions to create the UPS label with tracking or you can go to the bookstore website at lclark.bncollege.com for more information. Your books should be postmarked no later than Thursday, December 17, 2020.
  • Please note that it is recommended that students buy their books if they are planning to depart campus at Thanksgiving and travel internationally. Please contact the bookstore for details. Otherwise, if you have rented your books, it is recommended that you return them prior to departure as there is no method to return books from outside the United States.
  • If you have questions about your textbooks, please contact the bookstore directly for further information.

Pamplin and Recreational Facilities

  • Pamplin and other college recreational facilities will close Wednesday, November 25 for the remainder of the calendar year.

As we have all learned, COVID-19 requires us to be flexible and adapt quickly. We will do our best to communicate major changes to the information above and provide additional updates as they emerge. This information will also be available on the Student Life webpage. We will continue to update this site as new information becomes available. So please bookmark this page and check back in regularly.