October 23, 2020

VPSL COVID-19 Weekly Column: Oct. 23, 2020

Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students Robin Holmes-Sullivan looks back at last week on Palatine Hill.
  • Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students Robin Holmes-Sullivan
    Nina Johnson

Happy Friday, Students!

I want to commend you for your steadfast commitment to your health and the health of our community so far. In addition to recapping our latest COVID-19 testing results and related efforts, I also want to call your attention to the coming weeks, as we begin to pivot toward the end of the fall semester:

  • COVID-19 cases: As of yesterday, we have had only one positive COVID-19 test out of the 2,141 tests we’ve conducted on campus–and none since August.

  • Effluent testing results: Continued good news: Results returned on October 20 from wastewater samples pulled on October 18 showed no presence of coronavirus in effluence from residence halls. This was the sixth set of all negative results in a row.

  • Elections: There is a great deal of passion associated with this year’s election. Your passion may take many forms, from helping with campaigns, to voting, to viewing parties, to post-election advocacy. However you exercise your passion, we ask you to please continue your efforts to keep yourself safe and to limit any transmission of COVID among our community. Maintain social distance from anyone who is not in your pod, wear your mask, practice frequent hand hygiene, and only travel off-campus for essential trips. As passionate as you might be, this is not a time to take risks with your health, and to wind up infected and in isolation or quarantine.

  • Thanksgiving transition planning: As you all know, to limit the on-campus portion of our Fall semester, classes and services will be moving online after Thanksgiving break. In order to de-densify our campus during the Winter months, we strongly encourage you to leave campus during the week of Thanksgiving. Students who need to remain in campus housing for the duration of the semester will be accommodated. Please note, however, that services on campus will be extremely limited after Thanksgiving. In order to prepare and communicate appropriately, please inform us of your departure plans via this form by Sunday, November 1.

Have a safe and relaxing weekend. Find ways to recharge your emotional and physical batteries. If you are on-camus this weekend, consider signing up for the Academic Takeover, it should be a great, safe opportunity for fun and connection. As always, WeB4Me@LC.

Robin H. Holmes-Sullivan
Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students