September 09, 2020

Meet Your Peer Career Advisors

Have a quick question?  Our Peer Career Advisors have a quick answer!

Our Peer Career Advisors…

Name: Jeremiah Koshy
Pronouns: He/Him
From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Major: Economics
Minor: Undeclared (Math if I do a 300/400 level class)
Year: 2021
Current Career Goal: Applying to Grad schools & jobs!
Name: Phoenix Bruner
Pronouns: She/Her
From: Centennial, Colorado
Major: English
Minor:Gender Studies
Year: 2021
Current Career Goal: Advocate for the rights of sex workers

Lily McCartney
Pronouns: She/Her
From: Chicago
Major: SOAN
Year: 2022
Current Career Goal: I am not sure yet what I want to do, possibly something in marketing research or design. I really want to work with people in collaborative environments!

Name: Martín López
Pronouns: He/Him
From: I was born in Mexico and have lived in California and New Mexico.
Major: World Languages
Minor: Dance
Year: 2023
Current Career Goal: Currently, I am thinking of pursuing a career in the education field and foreign language teaching.

Name: Lila Khammash
Pronouns: She/Her
From: Palestine
Major: International Affairs /
Minor: Entrepreneurship
Year: 2023
Current Career Goal: Business Consultancy

Name: Kaya Tsabari
Pronouns: She/Her
From: Los Angeles, California
Major: Psychology & Studio Art
Year: 2024
Current Career Goal: Art Therapy

Name: Makena Andersen
Pronouns: They/Them
From: Big Island of Hawaiʻi
Major: Looking at majoring Biochemistry and molecular biology
Minor: Physics
Year: 2024
Current Career Goal: Biochemical engineering and research

Ciara Orness
Pronouns: She/Her
From: Thousand Oaks, CA
Major: English
Year: 2021
Current Career Goal: To work in a publishing house as an editor or writer’s agent. I would also like to one day be a novelist.

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Name: Dylan Ramsden
Pronouns: Any
From: Washington State
Major: BCMB
Year: 2021
Current Career Goal: Water Remediation Research
Name: Lis San Emeterio
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
From: Phoenix, AZ
Major: Chemistry and Psychology
Year: Junior
Career Goal: To obtain an M.D.