August 29, 2022


LC has a phenomenal choral program, and you’re invited to join us!

LC Singing FAQs:


Do I have to have singing experience?
No, we have singing opportunities for all levels of experience, from total beginners to known choir geeks. And the majority of our singers aren’t music majors! We love having people from all departments.

How do I get involved?
For choir, you’ll meet with John Cox ( so he can get to know your voice and place you in the choir that will be your happiest fit! Once you know your choir, you can register during the Add/Drop period.

For voice, you’ll meet with Sue McBerry (email so she can “matchmake” you with a great voice teacher. We have voice teachers specializing in classical singing, musical theatre, and jazz.

What is your audition procedure? I’ve heard that it’s easy and painless. True?
True! You don’t have to prepare anything in advance - we’ll walk you through it!

How often do these courses meet?
These are all 1-credit offerings that can be added on top of your regular course schedule – it’s totally manageable! The choirs either meet twice a week for an hour and a half each time (Cappella Nova and Voces Auream, our smaller groups), or they meet once a week for two hours (Community Chorale, our larger group). Voice lessons meet once per week.

Who are our teachers in the choir/voice area?
We’re professional musicians who love to sing, in many styles, and we love working with LC students. Please read about us here!

Are there any fees?
For students in choir, there are no fees, other than providing dressy long-sleeved black concert attire and providing a black folder for performances (we have an inclusive dress code that allows students to choose their black concert attire within some general parameters).

For voice lessons, if you’re not a music major or a music scholarship recipient, there is a fee of $550/semester. Declared music majors have free lessons on their major instrument (including voice).

If you’re interested in auditioning for a music scholarship for next year, you’ll want to fill out this form and audition by February 13.

What are your COVID policies?
We are following the most up-to-date research about COVID safety in the performing arts, with singers required to be fully vaccinated, distanced, and masked (we provide special fitted N95 masks that have a little extra space for singing). We ensure that our rooms have sufficient air exchanges for the number of singers and duration of rehearsal. Our concerts have a limited in-person audience, all of whom must also be vaccinated and masked, and we always offer a free livestream video of our concerts to those watching from home.

What is the vibe in the music department?
Encouraging, passionate, dedicated, supportive, zany, serious, and creative.