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August 28, 2020


LC has a phenomenal choir program, and it WILL be happening remotely during the time of COVID, using cool, innovative virtual technology.

Come to our Choir/Voice Meet-and-Greet on Tuesday, September 1, at 5 p.m. on Zoom! You’ll meet our choir and voice faculty and learn about singing opportunities in the music department.
Meeting ID: 973 8468 9909
Passcode: 902368


LC Singing FAQs:


Do I have to have singing experience?
No, we have singing opportunities for all levels of experience, from total beginners to known choir geeks.

When do I register for choir or voice lessons?
First, we’ll place you in the correct section, and then you can register during the Add/Drop period once you know where you’ve been placed. These are all 1-credit classes that can be added on top of your regular 4-credit classes.

How often do these meet?
During COVID, choirs either meet twice a week for an hour each time (Cappella Nova and Voces Auream, our smaller groups), or they meet once a week for an hour and a half (Community Chorale, our larger group). Voice lessons meet once per week.

Who are our teachers in the choir/voice area?
Please read about us here:

Are there any fees?
For voice lessons, if you’re not a music major or a music scholarship recipient, there is a fee of $550/semester. Once you declare the music major, your primary lessons are free! If you’re interested in auditioning for a music scholarship for next year, we’ll have auditions in January. For choirs, there is no fee other than possibly purchasing a long-sleeved black top of your choice if you don’t have one. (We have an inclusive dress code that allows students to choose their black concert attire within some general parameters). Because our performances will be on video, you don’t even need black pants! Save those for next year…

What will you do for performances?
There may be some voice solo performances that can happen in large spaces for
live-streaming without an in-person audience. For choirs, we’ll be creating virtual videos that we’ll stream, with watch parties!

What is your audition procedure? I’ve heard that it’s easy and painless. True?
True! For choir placement auditions, click here.

If you wish to be considered for Cappella Nova, please be sure to submit your audition form before Friday evening at 9 p.m., September 4th. Auditions for the other two choirs can still be submitted any time before the end of Add/Drop period, although we would love to get those as soon as possible (ideally also during that first week).

For voice lesson placement, email Sue McBerry at

If I’ve sung with a choir at LC before, do I need to audition again?
You don’t need to audition again if you’d like to stay in the same choir you were in
previously. Just go ahead and register! But if you are interested in switching choirs, then please do a choir audition again this semester.