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August 20, 2020

The Dance Program is looking for interested students to audition for our annual fall semester Dance Extravaganza. We have two student choreographers who are looking to cast dancers in pieces that will be filmed, edited and streamed. Dancers will be working with professional film makers from the Portland area. Students are welcome to audition regardless of previous dance experience.

To audition, please do the following:

- Watch this video with directions from the two choreographers.

- Read this additional information mentioned in the video:

- Record your audition and save the file as “(your name here) audition”
- Make sure to include your name, pronouns, e-mail address and phone number at the beginning of your video
- If you have multiple files, label them with your name, then 1,2,3, etc.
- Upload your files to this google folder:

Videos are due Friday September 4th at 5pm. Candidates will be contacted by Monday the 7th.

Questions? Contact Susan Davis.