May 20, 2020

Food Supply Options for Students Self-Isolating

Resource guide of delivery options for food and other supplies, for residential summer students who are in isolation or quarantine.

Food Options for Students in Isolation or Quarantine

We know that students in isolation and quarantine will need access to food for up to 14 days. With no food service on campus, this may be challenging, as you are expected to remain in your living space while isolating or under quarantine. Luckily there are local options for food delivery (see below). If after reviewing the information, you have questions or need support, contact a Wellness Services staff member at

We also want students to have access to the supplies below for support managing symptoms and preventing the spread of disease. We’ve listed some options for delivery of these supplies as well. (NOTE: if you experience challenges in obtaining supplies, please contact Melissa Osmond at or

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tissues
  • Thermometer -reusable
  • Face covering/mask
  • Medications for reducing fever such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil).
  • Cleaning supplies for your living space.


Delivery: Have grocery items delivered to Campus Safety. Campus Safety will call you when it arrives, and contact a staff member in Campus Living to deliver the items to your room– leaving them just outside the door and knocking loudly.

Safeway: go to:,and sign up for an account. Shop online, and schedule a delivery. NOTE: there is a delivery charge of $4-10, depending on how soon you schedule for. Most deliveries are next day or later at this point in time.

Fred Meyer: go to:, and sign up for an account. Shop online, choose “Delivery” for “within hours” for $9.95 or “Ship” for 1-3 days for free with a minimum purchase of $35.00. NOTE: the website warns of delays in delivery and shipping schedules and possible limited inventory.

Pick up:

Both the Safeway and Fred Meyer on Barbur Blvd have pick up options. If you have a friend that is willing to go pick up your groceries, this option may be faster and you could save on the delivery fee. NOTE: if you are in isolation or quarantine, you should NOT be picking up your orders. Stay in your room as much as possible.

Deliveries from restaurants:

If choosing to order prepared food from the delivery options below, you should NOT be in contact with the delivery driver. Campus Living staff will only deliver grocery orders, not prepared food from restaurants. So, find out before you place an order if the restaurant/delivery service has “no touch” or “no contact” options for delivery (and order from only those that do). If you have a friend who is willing to meet the driver, that’s okay, as long as you also don’t have direct contact with your friend. For example, have your friend leave the food outside the main door or your room door, then call/text you that it’s there.

Grubhub: Sign up for an account and type in the zip code (for LC it’s 97219). You can see restaurants that are open and delivered through Grubhub.

Postmates: Similar to above. Sign up for an account and search for restaurants that deliver in the 97219 zip code.

Pizza Delivery:



Papa Johns:

Other Supplies:

For other supplies, please consider purchasing things you need BEFORE you may need them. Inventory may be limited and/or orders might be delayed weeks or more for items such as hand sanitizer, cleaning products, etc.


Fred Meyer & Safeway: They will have some supplies to support isolation (cleaning supplies, tissues, fever-reducing medications, etc.). You can order them when you order groceries.