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Student Leadership and Service (SLS)

SLS Awards 2020 - President’s Award for Outstanding Community Service

April 22, 2020

  • headshot photo of Ary Hashim looking off camera.

Arran Hashim BA ’20, or Ary, is one of two recipients this year for the President’s Award for Outstanding Community Service. This is the highest honor Student Leadership and Service (SLS) presents to a graduating senior. One of SLS’ student staff members caught up with Ary recently to learn more about the great work he’s been doing at Lewis & Clark.

SLS: What are you studying at Lewis & Clark and why?

Ary: I’m an economics major. I’ve been interested in the subject since high school and enjoy exploring how the discipline intersects with other fields, like psychology, that observe trends in society.

SLS: What do leadership and service mean to you?

Ary: Service and leadership are very personal to me. I’m reminded of the privilege and opportunities I have in attaining an education and attending college in the USA. I want to give back the knowledge I gained in college to the community I’m from in Malaysia. In fact, I’ve already started to do that! 

I recently started a renewable energy fund project called Project KampungKu, which translates to ‘My Home’ in Malay. Through this project, solar cells and lighting infrastructure are installed in rural, indigenous Malaysian communities. To date, about 50 homes are using this technology and 150 indigenous people have been impacted.

SLS: What other kinds of leadership have you been involved with on campus?

Ary: I work in Admissions to help students across the country and world connect with Lewis & Clark College. I am involved with the Overnight Hosts program, which is a way for new and prospective students to get a feel of the on-campus experience. It’s also an opportunity for current Lewis & Clark students to be involved in Admissions.

I’ve also been involved with a new events app created by LC students called “The Bridge”. “The Bridge” is meant to embody school spirit, allowing students and student organizations to collaborate and mingle, exchange ideas, promote events, and see updates of upcoming events and activities happening across campus.

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Harold McNaron
Director of Student Leadership and Service