March 16, 2020

ASLC Resources for Students

ASLC are putting together resources to help students during this difficult time. Follow the link to learn About the Emergency Funds Applications and the Resource Pantry.

Emergency Funds Application

  • Given the emergency circumstances, we will be as generous as possible with funds
  • These applications will be reviewed by a small, confidential committee
  • Please describe your financial need as honestly as possible, so that we can allocate funds to as many people as we can
  • Applications will be reviewed on a daily basis, you can expect to hear back within a day or two.

Resource Pantry

  • Food and other essential products will be provided in the ASLC office (in templeton across from KLC)
    • There will be uber gift cards
    • The pantry will be open starting tomorrow
    • You can request deliveries! For now, email
  • Student Clerk Position
    • Sign up for hour long shifts and receive a gift card
    • Clerks will keep pantry open, take note of what is taken, and keep things clean
    • If you are leaving campus, please donate
      • Sealed, non-perishable food
      • Laundry detergent, dish soap, cleaning supplies
      • Not clothing

More to come!

  • ASLC is continuing to work with student organizations and student leaders to provide the needed resources to students in this difficult time
  • Keep an eye out for emails and posts on instagram and facebook with more information and programs coming soon

Please share these resources with your classes or students you know may need help! We want to get the message out to students in as many ways as possible, and faculty and staff are an important part of that.