October 15, 2019

Know more about...CAB!

Read about what your peers are doing in CAB! Interview with Henry Farfan’ 20
  • From left to right Sarah Lind-Macmillan '22, Lauren Pichard '22, Henry Farfan' 20, Elise Gilmore '20, Mikah Bertelmann '21

Interview with Henry Farfan ’20, Economics major and Chair of Campus Activities Board.

What is CAB?

The mission of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is to provide a wide range of activities for students at Lewis & Clark College, consisting of new and different events as well as traditional programs. Campus Activities Board strives to offer events and programs that appeal to the many different interests of Lewis & Clark students. CAB encourages student engagement on campus to attract a diverse range of involvement ideas, creativity in event planning, and excellence in event implementation and leadership. The Campus Activities Board is open to all students who would like to be involved, are committed to uphold this mission and have a desire to contribute to the enrichment of campus life at Lewis & Clark.

What made you be part of CAB? 

Henry: I’ve been in CAB since my freshman year. I signed up at the Pio Fair and I went to one single CAB meeting and the leadership at that time encouraged me to come to the meeting. Then, I just volunteered all the time. I think it’s fun to plan events and just to see people enjoying the work that you put in. That’s really nice. The longer I was in CAB, I started taking more responsibilities. Toward the end of my sophomore year and also the junior year, I was the Director of Finance so it was my job to make sure that the budget was good and everything was in order and we had enough money for our events. And this year, I became the Chair of CAB which is very exciting. I want people to bring their ideas and then I want me and my team to be able to provide support for students, whether or not they are involved in CAB to make their event idea a reality. I want us (CAB) to help them do that. And that’s something that happened with Suntan which was a new event. Over the summer, we heard that KLC was trying to put on a music festival and we thought that CAB should be involved in that. Then, we started having meetings with the head of KLC and other students and we started planning the event. It was a huge project. It took a long time and planning. It was really stressful but at the end of the day, we had a really fun event that everyone loved.

How has CAB impacted your life at L&C?

Henry:  CAB has pushed me to be more social. I really get to know a lot of people. It’s really nice to have that confidence built in me where I can interact with other students and be friendly and personable. It’s really nice. From a more professional standing, I developed lots of skills of being more organized and also developing myself as a leader. I feel a lot more prepared and I would otherwise be.