October 21, 2019

Know more about...FSU!

Read about what your peers are doing at the Feminist Student Union!
Interview with Caroline Arness ’22, Elizabeth Gillingham ’21, Hellen Hitz ’21, Kyle Beck ’20, Miguel Haro Ruiz ’20.
  • FSU members

Interview with Caroline Arness’ 22, SOAN/ Ethnic Studies; Elizabeth Gillingham’21, Psychology/ Gender Studies minor; Hellen Hitz’ 21, Economics/ Psychology; Kyle Beck’ 20, SOAN; Miguel Haro Ruiz’ 20, International Affairs/Economics.

What does FSU do?

Caroline: FSU provides sexual health products on campus and emergency contraception. Moreover, we host events throughout the year. Elizabeth is currently working on having a great speaker next semester.

Elizabeth: Every semester we host a SAPA training which stands for Sexual Assault Peer Advocacy. One of the primary services that we offer is to train students in advocacy work which includes the resources in the event of sexual misconduct. Our SAAP advocates host office hours where students can come and talk to them. They are trained in empathetic listening skills, crisis response and they can provide any resources as necessary in those office hours. 

What made you be part of FSU? How has your experience been as a member, leader?

Caroline: I did social justice work in high school. I started a feminism club in my high school and I was interested in continuing that work in college and I saw that the FSU was pretty cool and I wanted to join. It’s been great ever since. It’s really easy when there is already a lot of lovely people willing to mentor you and give you the opportunity to grow and learn. I’m very grateful.

Kyle: I did a lot of social justice during high school, but my high school didn’t allow a feminism club. I’ve enjoyed my time at the FSU because one of the things we focus on is building a space so people can come in with their own ideas and just petition help whether it’d be financial or extra people to help with a project.  I really enjoy being part of FSU because it gives you the freedom to walk around the campus and be like “I see this problem, I wanna do some about that.”

Elizabeth: I came to campus in a spring semester, so I did not really had any awareness of what clubs there were but I signed up for a SAPA training. I wasn’t a member yet but in the training, one of the leaders of the FSU approached me afterwards and she invited me to come work on a project that was focusing on getting survival testimonials regarding sexual assault on campus. So I joined that project. At that point I was really passionate about doing gender based violence prevention work and I thought that I had to go off-campus to do that but through that project it ended up being very fulfilling and that is still one of my main focuses working in the FSU. 

Hellen: I am from Nebraska. I thought that I was liberal and inclusive and then I came here I was like “there are so many things that I just never thought about.” So I joined FSU, and through FSU I got involved in the college senate. I stayed involved in the FSU because I’m learning so much all the time and growing as a human as well as a activist.

Miguel: I joined the FSU as a way to educate myself and learn about feminism. Before coming to college, I was interested in learning more about feminism and I’ve definitely learned a lot and that made me stay for longer.