September 30, 2019

Calling ALL Humanities Majors!

Meridian Journal of International and Cross-Cultural Perspectives-Call for Submissions!
  • Meridian Journal

The Meridian Journal of International and Cross-Cultural Perspectives is officially accepting submissions for the upcoming edition that will be released during the annual IA symposium this spring. 

What do we accept? We accept past term papers, essays, photos from abroad, and journal entries related to international or cross-cultural affairs. (Ever taken an International Affairs, SO/AN, Political Science, Economics or History class and written a paper related to cross-cultural affairs? Send us your work!) 

Why submit? This is a great opportunity to be published in an academic peer-reviewed journal and build your resume. Our Editorial Board this year will provide feedback on your work to help improve your literary capabilities and give you a taste of the scholarly editorial process. 

The deadline for submissions is November 23rd, but the sooner you send in your work, the better! Send all submissions to

Thank you,

Cole Harris and Hanna Merzbach

For more information and past winners visit this page.