September 13, 2019

Crossing Cultures: Performance in the Age of Globalization - A Symposium

A New Scholars Symposium exploring the issues of cross-cultural performance
  • New Scholars

Please come and join us and a group invited scholars from across the country as they present papers and discuss questions that explore the issues of cross-cultural performance.

The flow of goods and services across national borders is the economic engine of global capitalism. At the same time, cultural flow is equally important, but cultural border crossings (within and without the United States)  in a global age carry a weight of historical and hegemonic baggage. Encounters between cultures in a variety of contexts enact complex negotiations of synergy, hybridity, and/or appropriation.

What meanings do these cultural encounters engender? What practices are reframed, revised or exploded? What new hybrid forms of performance may arise from such practices? What are the pitfalls of such practice? 

The six invited scholars will address these and other issues and discuss them with the audience of fellow academics and students.

The Symposium is presented by the Lewis & Clark Theatre Department in partnership with the Creative Connections Consortium a nation-wide consortium of Colleges and Universities that seek to address the challenges of inclusion and diversity in higher education by building capacity, investing in cohorts of talented graduate students and faculty from underrepresented groups, and creating and nurturing connections between partners interested in institutional change.

The Symposium takes place on Friday, September 20th in Albany, room 218


11:00 AM - Morning Paper Presentations: 

  • “Theatricality, Thanatorism, and the Performance of Modernity”

  • “Black Feeling: Lorraine Hansberry’s Les Blancs and Affective Collective Consciousness”

  • “Native Latinidad: The Medicine of Power Pipes and Princess Pocahontas” 


2:30 PM - Afternoon Paper Presentations: 

  • “Martha Washington Goes to Texas: Crossing Racial and Temporal Borders”

  • “Decolonizing Magical Materialism in US Theatre”

  • “Playing Hopscotch in Traffic:  Performance, Politics and Place in Los Angeles”


5:00 PM - Roundtable Discussion with all participants