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New Comprehensive Student Experience Programming

July 11, 2019

Dear L&C Community:

Beginning in the fall, the Division of Student Life will lead an effort called the Comprehensive Student Experience Programming Plan. In that effort, we will examine four things:

  • What are the ideal spaces around campus that we want to improve in order to enhance the student experience and build community? This includes places where students socialize, engage, attend programs and events, study, and more. We will explore how the spaces in Templeton and in our residence halls are used, and will consider creating new community spaces as well.
  • How can we improve Dining and Campus Activities? What is the optimal dining experience for our College? We currently have various meal plan options and an “eat as much as you care to” approach in Fields Dining room. We have eateries at the Law and Grad Schools, and small cafes like Maggie’s and the Dovecote on the undergraduate campus. Are the hours of operation, variety, and locations sufficient? Is there another approach that might serve the campus better? What might be missing? How do we ensure that we are offering adequate activities so students have fun and feel engaged while on campus, day or night?
  • What are the transportation needs of the L&C community? Although we have the Pio Express, community members (students, staff, and faculty) have expressed a desire for more frequent bus service. Undergraduate students in particular have expressed an interest in improving students’ ability to navigate campus, nearby neighborhoods, and downtown Portland. Are there additional routes we should consider? Are there ways to ease congestion in our parking lots? Are there other transportation solutions we should consider?
  • Explore technology that will enhance how L&C community members communicate with each other and hear about activities by way of a unified campus calendar and robust social media opportunities to form groups and more easily communicate across clubs and organizations.

For this to be successful we need to hear from you! Making the campus welcoming, productive and engaging is all of our responsibility. So, stay tuned for invitations and communication about the Comprehensive Student Experience Programming Plan and reimagining the Lewis & Clark experience—because you will be a big part of it!

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Robin Holmes-Sullivan
Vice President for Student Life
Lewis & Clark College