March 13, 2019

Addressing Our Global Climate Crisis

A message from President Wim Wiewel
  • President Wiewel

Dear Students:

Confronting an issue of epic proportions requires Olympian resolve. That’s why, last month at our Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit, my fellow college and university leaders made a public pledge: that we will collaborate and work harder, faster, and smarter to drive climate action forward. At Lewis & Clark, the “we” extends beyond administrators and includes faculty, students, staff, alumni—our entire community.

This Friday, March 15, young people around the world will be calling attention to the global climate crisis in various ways. I urge everyone to take this opportunity to do what we do best: recommit ourselves to the importance of learning all we can about this critical issue, sharing what we learn with others, and translating our knowledge into practical and meaningful actions.  Together we can make a better, safer, and cleaner world for this generation and generations yet to come.



Wim Wiewel