November 15, 2018

Liz Scott ’12

Executive Assistant at AWS Elemental

When I came to Lewis & Clark College, I knew on day one what I wanted to study. I even knew that I wanted to get a minor in Gender Studies. My amazing advisor, Professor Daena Goldsmith, helped me craft my four year plan for my double major in Rhetoric/Media Studies & Political Science, with a Gender Studies minor as the cherry on top.

Something that critically changed me during my time at Lewis & Clark as a Gender Studies minor was during my senior year I signed up for GEND 445: Gender In the City.  We each had our own individual internships with different local advocacy organizations. I worked with the Portland Women’s Crisis Line, now known as Call to Safety. I took classes on how to be a crisis advocate for people going through a variety of challenging and complex experiences. The people I worked alongside at PWCL gave me a new community to bounce ideas off of, and who helped me find my own roots around topics of gender in that stage of self-growth and learning.

After graduating in 2012, it took me until 2014 to find my professional landing - at a successful local Portland tech company as an Executive Assistant. I use my Gender Studies knowledge every day, in both professional and personal contexts, because it applies to every relationship.

I am better able to advocate my beliefs by listening to various perspectives, so that I can ideally articulate a positive solution for all.

Through gaining this education and these experiences, I can clearly see how gender infuses everything.

I feel that I see the world more clearly for what it is, and make better choices because of it.

So what’s next? I’m going to keep asking questions, being inquisitive, listening and sharing ideas with those who care for thoughtful discussions, and trying to best represent what I think is wonderful about being an intersectional feminist.