November 13, 2017

Ambassador Wouters Visits LC

A conversation with Belgium Ambassador to the United States Dirk Wouters on “Brexit, the EU and the US: an example of de-globalization?” occurred on October 27th in Lewis & Clark College’s Smith Hall.
  • LC student Jake Sherer poses for a selfie with Ambassador Wouters

The Belgian ambassador to the US, Dirk Wouters, gave a talk on Brexit and de-globalization to a packed crowd Friday, October 27th. A combination of Lewis & Clark students and faculty as well as members of the community were all present. Using PowerPoint and memes, Ambassador Wouters presented a clear walk-through of this complicated circumstance, and made sure to answer any questions the audience had at the end. 

Ambassador Wouters became Ambassador to the United States on September 16th, 2016. However, he has been a part of the Belgium foreign ministry since 1980 and even lived in the US for a brief period of time during the nineties working as a representative to the UN. Ambassador Wouters speaks five different languages and enjoys long-distance running.