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SAAB representative for World Languages and Literatures - C. Breen

October 11, 2017

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Hi! My name is Christopher Breen and I am the SAAB representative for World Languages and Literatures, as well as the Chinese, Japanese, and Russian minors. I’m a Senior World Languages major (Chinese/French). If you’re interested in applying for a SAAB grant, please get in touch with me. 
Some information about SAAB:
The Student Academic Affairs Board (SAAB) grant program funds student research initiatives and other academic expenses via a board of student representatives from each academic discipline. For students who plan on attending or presenting at a conference, doing research in the United States or abroad, bringing speakers or lecturers to campus, doing research for a thesis, etc., the SAAB grant program is an amazing resource.

There are four different types of grants students can apply for:

  • Student-initiated research, performed either in the U.S. or overseas
  • Attendance at academic conferences either as a participant or a presenter
  • Visiting scholar programs to address new ideas and contemporary issues
  • Performances in music, art, theater, communications, or wherever one’s imagination leads

These different types of grants have different proposal due dates and processing times. Research grants and Arts/Expression grants are due on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Visiting Scholar grants and Conference grants are heard weekly and the grant proposals are due by 4pm on Thursdays.  All grants will be heard within two weeks.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, my email is


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