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I think that I may move to another state in the future. Will my Oregon school counseling license transfer?

December 23, 2009

The Oregon Preliminary School Counseling License is valid only in Oregon. However, most states have their own process for determining licensure transfer or eligibility. Every state will have distinct requirements and expectations for school counselors, so you are encouraged to contact the state’s governing licensure body and inquire about their requirements. It is often a matter of examining the components of your training. Typically, an Oregon license will serve as a provisional license with the possibility of additional requirements.

Detailed information about each state’s requirements are available through the respective state’s licensing websites. We recommend that students find out beforehand about any additional requirements in the other state of intended employment and incorporate those requirements into their Lewis & Clark program. Many former students have successfully obtained an additional license from another state.

Specific questions can be referred to our office of K-12 Educational Career & Licensing Services.

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