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I am a prospective Preliminary School Counseling Licensure-Only Program student and I already have a master’s degree; how many classes will I be required to take and how much time will the program take to complete?

December 23, 2009

The number of required classes will be different for each student because every person has a unique educational and work experience history. Every student admitted to this program must submit waiver/transfer documents for each of our required courses during the first term of enrollment, either based on previous coursework or work experience. For our current policies on transferred courses, please visit this page:

Please note that there is a difference between transferred credit and waived credit. Transferred credit generally substitutes for course credit required for your program, while waived credit based on work experience acknowledges that the course content has been covered previously, but the credits must then be made up with other coursework.

Once you are admitted, we recommend early advising to review transcripts and get a sense of personalized program requirements.

We do have some program requirements that cannot be waived, including all three internship courses. For track II licensure-only program students, the teaching practicum course is also required (SCED 517). Beyond the internships, we also require particular elements of the program and attempt to be flexible about completing them (such as partial waivers or individualized assignments). Most students complete the program in about two years, in light of the internship requirements.

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