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Do I need to be a teacher to enter a school counseling program? What is the difference between Track I and Track II?

December 23, 2009

No, you do not need to hold a teaching license in order to enter a school counseling program. Track I of each program is designed for students who already hold a teaching license and have taught successfully for two years under that license. The SCED 517 course is not a requirement for Track I students.

Track II of each program is designed for students who have no prior teaching experience. In Oregon, there is a requirement that school counselors must have some formal teaching experience, so Track II programs include an additional course, SCED 517 Practicum in Classroom Instruction, that places students in a classroom setting and helps meet that requirement. After completing this requirement and earning an Preliminary School Counseling license, students are also eligible to substitute teach in the state of Oregon.


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