April 18, 2018

Theatre Thesis Festival - 2018

Performances and Presentations


EVENING A: Wednesday, April 18, and Friday, April 20


A Night of Forum Theater - Angela An and Emily de Lorimier


W’s - Kora Link

EVENING B: Thursday, April 19, and Saturday, April 21


Trifles - Delaney Bloomquist


Thirteen - Kalea Lee- Fleischman


Friday, April 20 ~ 3:00

Part One: Breaking the Cycle - Arianne Melton

Friday, April 20 ~ 4:00

From Cinderella to Anon(ymous): My Creative Odyssey - Margaret Jordan

Saturday, April 21 ~ 2:00pm

Part Two: Storyteller’s Workshop - Engaging with Story - Arianne Melton

Saturday, April 21 ~ 4:00pm

Exit the Dragon (or, The Last Confessions of Mandubrath the Deceiver) - Nicholas Brittain


•Admission is FREE but tickets are required as seating (General Seating) is limited. 
•Stop by the Theatre Box Office (Fir Acres Theatre) between 1-5pm beginning Wednesday, April 11 (through Friday, April 20) to pick up your complimentary ticket(s) for the project(s) you would like to attend. 
•Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Theatre Thesis Festival showcases the work of our senior theatre majors. They are all enrolled in TH 450, Senior Seminar.  The Seminar provides the academic context for a capstone experience that includes both a creative project and a written thesis. Because we have three concentrations within the major – dramatic literature/theatre history, performance, and design/technical theatre - our Festival features a mixture of productions, presentations, and original play readings. Senior capstone experiences both “summarize” a student’s Theatre Department training and push it forward. All of them are writing theses that explore the theoretical and historical contexts of their creative work. The planning for these projects extends over the course of their senior year. Proposals for capstone projects are submitted early in the fall and are subsequently discussed, revised, and revised again. What you see in the Festival is the result of a year’s worth of planning and work.  We are excited to showcase the variety of Departmental work – in directing, acting, devising, stage design, technical direction, and playwriting-and we hope you will try to see as much of it as possible.