April 10, 2017

Earthrise Legal Fellow Says Farewell

Founders Legacy Legal Fellow, Ryan Shannon, leaves Earthrise Law Center and moves on to a great position as Staff Attorney at Center for Biological Diversity. We’ll miss him, but he’s not going far.

It is with very mixed emotions that we report that April 7th was Ryan Shannon’s last day with Earthrise Law Center. Ryan worked with Earthrise for two years while he was attending law school. He was an editor for the Lewis & Clark Law Review and was also the recipient of the Environmental & Natural Resources Leadership Award. He is currently on the Board of Directors for Northwest Environmental Defense Center (NEDC). Ryan has been a fantastic Founders’ Legacy Fellow for us for the last 20 months, and after almost 4 years at Earthrise, we are going to miss him enormously. His fellowship was originally going to last until August, but his new employer couldn’t wait that long for him to start his new job.

We couldn’t be happier for Ryan because he is leaving us for a terrific permanent position with the Center for Biological Diversity in its Portland office, where he will fit right in among other Earthrise alumni. He will be spending much of his time as an attorney at CBD working to protect endangered species at a time when they are more threatened than ever. We look forward to working with Ryan on future cases as well as seeing him in the neighborhood. 

“This is exactly what we hope for with our fellows: that Earthrise can serve as a stepping-stone to help them land permanent public-interest positions in environmental law.”–Clinic Director, Craig Johnston