February 04, 2021

Early Research Program Spring 2021 Commences!

Applications for Early Research Spring 2021 are closed. The next round of applications will be in August 2021.

Are you interested in studying science and/or math? Are you the first person in your family to attend a 4-yr college? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, then please read on…..

Success in science/math requires curiosity, hard work, and a “growth mindset,” i.e. the belief that with sufficient effort, you can develop new skills and knowledge. The satisfaction of learning new things is one of the greatest pleasures of working in science and math. A great way to find out whether you would enjoy a career in science or math (including health fields) is to experience this process of discovery. Many students in science and math at Lewis & Clark are involved in collaborative research with faculty mentors. Would you like to join them?

As a participant in the Early Research Program, you would:

  • Join a faculty-student research team
  • Get paid ($13.25/hour) to spend 4-8 hours per week in fall semester doing research
  • Help with experiments/analyses, join in planning sessions, have your own project?

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us at stempathways@lclark.edu

Some important facts about the program:

  • The program is open to first-year students who are first generation to attend college
  • No previous research experience is required or expected
  • Some internships require particular course background as preparation
  • Placement is competitive, but enthusiasm and commitment to doing your best are the most important qualifications
  • The next application deadline will be early Fall 2021. Check here in August 2021 for more information!