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Women in the Sciences Highlghted at the October Board Meeting

November 07, 2016

The Board of Trustees held its first meeting of the academic year on Friday, October 28. In the plenary session, after an introduction by Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Catherine Gunther Kodat, professors and students spoke to trustees about the the leadership and success of women in the sciences at Lewis & Clark. At the conclusion of the business day, the Board of Trustees enjoyed a joint reception with the College of Arts and Sciences Board of Alumni and the Parents Council.

Also at the meeting, which coincided with the start of Homecoming and Family Weekend, the trustees shared lunch with students in Gregg Pavilion; learned about the status of Lewis & Clark’s seven-year institutional accreditation process, as well as the multiple accreditation bodies for our graduate and law schools; heard about enrollment data and outlooks in each of the three schools; and received a preview of sesquicentennial planning for the 2017-18 academic year. Additionally, the trustees were among the first to hear the news that Kristina Dill BA ’16, who graduated summa cum laude and with honors in chemistry, has been named a Rhodes Scholarship finalist.  

At the plenary presentation on women in the sciences, Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. Professor of Science Janis Locher, Assistant Professor of Biology Tamily Weissman-Unni, Associate Professor of Biology Greta Binford, and Assistant Professor of Physics Shannon O’Leary were joined by students Helen Ippolito CAS ’18, who is majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology, and Katie Kowal CAS ’17, who is majoring in physics and political science. In addition to the in-person testimonials by faculty and students, the presentation included two short videos highlighting key achievements of women in the sciences at Lewis & Clark, as well as alumni outcomes:

Agile Scientific Minds: Women in Science and Math