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Fall 2016 Physics Colloquia

September 08, 2016

Lewis & Clark Physics Colloquia, Olin 204
Mondays, 4:15 -5:15 pm (except as noted)
Refreshments in the Olin Foyer at 4:00 pm


September 12

From Physics to Atmospheric Science

Katie Brennan, LC Alum `13, University of Washington


September 26

The Physics of Roller Derby

Megan Pickett, Lawrence University


October 10

Irradiating Cancer in Moving Organs

Irene Duba, Lewis & Clark `17

From Dawn to Rosetta: Forming the Solar System

Harrison Collins, Lewis & Clark `18


October 17

Coffee in Space: The Research Foundations and Exploration Implications of Drinking Scalding Beverages from Open Containers on the International Space Station

Mark Weislogel, Portland State University



October 24


Want to make a difference? Consider science teaching!


Liza Finkel, Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education


**for this special talk, there will be CUPCAKES and PIZZA!!**


November 7

Baryon asymmetry of the Universe from axion inflation

Mohammed Anber, Lewis & Clark College


December 5

Advanced Lab Student Projects


December 9 (11 am)

Advanced Lab Student Projects