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March 31, 2016

The Michigan State University BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action, an NSF Science and Technology Center, has awarded Assistant Professor of Economics Moriah Bostian and her collaborators a one-year, $65,000 grant for their project, “Agri-Environmental Government-Farmer Tax Policies for Controlling Fertilizer Run-off Using a Evolutionary Bi-level Framework.” This project will focus on methods to better incorporate decision uncertainty into existing models of non-point source pollution from agriculture. Dr. Bostian is collaborating on this project with researchers from Michigan State University, Oregon State University, USDA, US EPA, Aalto University in Helsinki, and The Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad. This award will support Dr. Bostian’s ongoing research on multi-objective optimization of environmental policies for agriculture. More about Dr. Bostian’s research is available here.

March 2016

Sponsored Research

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