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Panel on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

September 30, 2015

A panel discussion at Reed College about the
Syrian refugee crisis. The discussion will be hosted by the Arabic Culture Dorm and the German House.

Mercy Corps called the Syrian refugee crisis “the worst humanitarian disaster of our time”. It has become something of a Brennpunkt (or “hot topic”) in Germany over the last couple weeks. Refugees in the hundreds of thousands have risked and are still risking life and limb as they flock across national borders by foot, by boat, and by train.

Although the situation in Europe and the Middle East has been ongoing
since around 2011, coverage has only recently made its way abroad, particularly to the United States.

The Arabic Culture Dorm and German House are working to increase
awareness and have hence organized a panel of three professors to
present on the crisis abroad. In addition, a community organization
will talk about how to support the immigrant and refugee community in

Wednesday, September 30th, 6-7:30pm
Performing Arts Building Rm. 320 (auditorium)

Reed College

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