August 31, 2015

PE/A 101-37 Beginning Kojosho

Interested in taking a PE/Athletics course this fall? Check out this new course!
PE/A-101-37 (06699) Beginning Kojosho
Thursday 8:00PM - 10:00PM, Pamplin Sports Center, Room 19
Instructors: John Knight and Jim Proctor


Kojosho kempo karate ( is an internationally recognized soft martial arts style. Like other martial arts, regular practice of Kojosho yields important benefits related to health, self-defense, and well-being. Kojosho is safe, works for a variety of body types and athletic abilities, and includes both practical and philosophical dimensions. This beginning Kojosho course covers content and skills applicable to the first two Kojosho colored belts (yellow and green), and can be repeated once for credit. A solid white or solid black karate gi is required for the course.