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Exciting news from Art majors

July 27, 2015

The Art Department is proud to announce that our majors and alumni have been doing amazing work recently.

Annual Blackfish Gallery Exhibition
Congratulations to two of our most recent graduates, Liz Finch and Malcolm Hecht, for being selected for the 20th Annual Recent Graduates Exhibition at Blackfish Gallery. Liz and Malcolm are representing Lewis & Clark in an exhibition that includes 15 Oregon art degree-granting institutions.  Amongst the works of 30 other emerging artists, their work definitely makes us proud.  The paintings and sculpture they’re presenting int the exhibition clearly shows a depth of investigation and care that makes us very excited for what will come next. The exhibition is on view at Blackfish Galleryin Portland, June 30 through August 1, 2015.
L&C Art Major working this summer at MoMA
Congratulations to Nora Chellew (’17) who was awarded an internship with the Museum of Modern Art in NYC this summer.  She is working in two departments at MoMAexhibition planning and exhibition design. 

Postcards from America
Hannah Turner Harts, Ellie Olitsky, Jack Badler, Cedar Jocks, Carlos Vigil, Hallie Garvey all worked with Magnum Photography Agency for a two week assistantship during the Portland installment of the Postcard From America project. 
Cedar Jocks worked as a production assistant on the up coming film by Austin Lynch entitled Gray House. Cedar is also currently showing at the Mark Wooley Gallery. His show Contingent Memory will be showing until September 13, 2015. 
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