October 14, 2006


By Moliere
By Moliere

Written in 1664 but set in modern times, “Tartuffe” is a comedy that tells the story of a wealthy and highly dysfunctional family. Tartuffe, a pious imposter, ingratiates himself with Orgon, the family father. He slyly tries to win Orgon’s daughter’s hand in marriage and at the same time seduce Orgon’s wife. The family is eventually threatened with eviction and Orgon is almost thrown in prison. Tartuffe’s machinations nearly succeed until the king, or Pres. Hochstettler, is alerted just in time. The king recovers the property, frees Orgon, sends Tartuffe to prison, and shares with the audience with some modern-day college president wisdom.

Director: Stepan Simek
Scenery & Costume Designer: Michael Olich
Lighting Designer: Peter West


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